Brand Story

A strong brand story provides the foundation of your organization.
Reap the benefits of compelling storytelling. Start your strategy here.
Let your history, goals, values, and personality lead your business.

What is a Brand Story?

A brand story really goes beyond just marketing. It outlines the guiding principles of your organization. The answers to these questions do more than provide content for tweets and Instagram posts. By clarifying your organization's values, you create a roadmap for your employees, your management, your sales pitches, and your marketing strategy.

Growing your business requires a strong foundation. This starts with a brand story and involves answering questions such as:

- Why does this business exist?
- What do you want to achieve?
- What are your values?

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Connect Through Storytelling

Storytelling is a phenomenon with an ancient history. Good stories captivate us. They can make us angry, happy, sad, inspired, and much more. Through storytelling we get to know each other. We create a connection. This is great for relationships, but also for business. In fact, a 2018 survey showed that only very few businesses make use of a brand story for their marketing activities. However, the most successful marketers overwhelmingly relied on brand storytelling.

Your struggles and values are not yours alone. Give people a story that they can identify with. So let your brand be the hero, the sidekick in a customer's journey, or the righteous underdog. How will your business connect with customers?

Create a Foundation

A brand story is not just some marketing gimmick that you create, just because a marketer told you to. No, its role is far bigger. It is the foundation of your company. It outlines why you exist and what you stand for.

For your company, the brand story provides a roadmap for your organization. There will be moments where you or employees have to make tough decisions. Going back to your roots will help in that decision making process.

Regarding your marketing activities: the brand story provides a foundation here as well. You want your customers to see you in a certain way. Again, this is where your brand story comes in.

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Values and Congruence

Think of any online (marketing) activity for your company, for example: Designing your website. Posting to social media. Setting up advertising campaigns.

All of these activities can easily seem disjointed if there's nothing tying them together. Customers would get one impression of you on your website, and a completely different one on a social media profile. If you base your activities on your brand story, you'll create congruence.

One big aspect of your brand story is your values. Define what you stand for and focus relentlessly on those specific values. Attract the people that resonate with that focus and you'll get customers for life.

Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Your business offers great products and services. There are numerous benefits to each offer and you make sure to list them all. So why is your revenue not where you know it can be? The simplest answer is that purchases are not made purely based on weighing pros and cons. Buying is also emotional. We want to feel good. We want to like someone.

Thankfully, a brand story provides ample opportunity to mention what you're selling, but it also creates emotion. Tell a story that people can identify with. As a result, your products and services become a way for customers to participate in that story.

In short: facts tell, but stories sell.

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In short: a good brand story will help tie all of your activities together.
Whether this concerns marketing or other business decisions.

Leading with Your Brand Story

Use Your Brand Story
to Create and Connect Your


Build your website based on
the contents of your brand story.
Is your story about being playful?
What about strength? Or beauty?
Let it show in your website.

Social Media

Your history is a big part of you.
It shows what you care(d) about.
Let the brand story work for you
by inspiring your social media
messages to your customers.

Online Ads

If people haven't heard of you yet,
an online ad is a chance at a first
impression. Capture people's
attention by leading with your
strengths and values.

Our Online Marketing Services

Take steps towards a powerful online presence. Grow your business and revenue.
You can choose the entire package or simply the one or two services you need.

Step 1

Create your brand story.
This is the foundation of
your marketing strategy.

Step 2

Website optimization.
Your online environment has
to function optimally.

Step 3

Social media activities.
Get some buzz going and get
people to visit your business.

Step 4

Online advertising campaigns.
Amplify your marketing
activities with online ads.

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