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Green Life Social Media publishes texts, images, and possibly other materials on www.greenlifesocialmedia.com that have been produced by either Green Life Social Media or third parties.

The information on this website is 'as is'. Despite effort and care on our side there might be inaccurate or incomplete information on the website. Therefore, you cannot derive any rights from information on the website. You can only hold Green Life Social Media accountable to written information on a signed contract.

The website and its various components are the property of Green Life Social Media. Without written permission from Green Life Social Media you are not allowed to multiply any copyrighted works or information.


This website contains cookies. These are small files that can remember settings or preferences of users, for example. As a rule, cookies serve to improve your browsing experience. On this website, cookies are being used to optimize your browsing experience and to enable Green Life Social Media to better meet the needs of its visitors.

The cookies on this website are as follows:

Google Analytics
Google's cookies provide insights into how users engage with the website. The information that these cookies collect is anonymized as much as possible (for example, your IP-address will not be collected). This ensures that any given set of information cannot lead back to a particular person.

Facebook Pixel
The cookies from Facebook collect and provide similar information to Google's cookies and for similar purposes.

Social Media
There are various cookies that enable information on the website to be easily shared or liked on social media.

Even though Green Life Social Media does not share personal information with third parties, the companies whose cookies are active on this website might. The companies in question do have to be in accordance with laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information. For more insight into how they use the data they collect, please check out their privacy policies.

The information that is collected via cookies is anonymized to ensure your privacy. It is therefore not possible to request to have such information deleted, since it is not possible to link any set of data to any particular individual. However, the cookies at Green Life Social Media are set to expire after 30 days in order to still provide a limit to the amount of information that can be collected from any given device that is used to visit the website. Once this limit has been reached, any subsequent visit will ask you to re-confirm your consent.

You can also limit and even disable the use of cookies via your browser settings. See your browser's Help section if you need any assistance. If you want to expire the cookies of this website before the 30 days are up, you can do so in your browser settings: simply clear your cookies, or select those related to this website and delete them.


Green Life Social Media respects the privacy of its visitors and strives to keep the personal information you provide confidential and safe, and in accordance with the law.

The data that Green Life Social Media collects through the website is not shared with third parties without written consent. The only possible exception to this is a request to share certain information for law enforcement purposes.

The information that is being collected by cookies (for example, Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel) is not information that Green Life Social Media owns. Therefore, Green Life Social Media can only direct you to the privacy policies of the companies in question. Green Life Social Media does use this information in its role as a data processor (e.g. using this information to improve the browsing experience).

Personal Information
Name, email address, phone number, and possible other information you share with Green Life Social Media will be handled with care and will not be shared with third parties without your written consent. This information is being collected to enable Green Life Social Media to contact you. At any time, you can send a request to info@greenlifesocialmedia.com to have your information removed.