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What is your mission about?
Why is this important to you?
How do you make this happen?

Making society healthier and more sustainable
Because both we and future generations deserve a long and happy life
By bringing exposure to amazing companies and sharing their message

There are many ways in which each of us can contribute to a better world.
Green Life Social Media intends to do this by supporting healthy and sustainable alternatives.


Health magnifies all pleasures it encounters, while sickness inevitably takes away something, even from our finest moments. We want everyone to have the opportunity to be as healthy as they can be. We focus on working with companies who actively try to support a healthy lifestyle.

A small minority of the global population uses up the majority of the resources every year. This robs future generations of the opportunity to live a happy and healthy life of their own. Sustainability is not a buzz word in today's economy; it's a requirement. We all need to do our part.



Health and sustainability often sound like they are equivalent to "expensive", "difficult", or "less tasty". There are plenty of companies who manage to provide amazing healthy and sustainable products and services without compromising on price, comfort, and experience. We are dedicated to helping these companies show the world what's possible.

Simply by living our daily lives, we have an influence on the world. Many of the products we consume and services we use can either contribute to a better society and a better you, or they can do the opposite. We believe in taking responsibility for the influence we have.


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Who Are The Clients?

  • Sustainable and fair trade clothing companies
  • Vegan restaurants or plant-based food manufacturers
  • Gyms, personal trainers, yoga or meditation practitioners
  • Doctors or dietitians who focus on preventative/lifestyle medicine
  • Businesses focused on raising awareness and supporting a green lifestyle
  • Architecture firms or real estate agencies focused on sustainable buildings
  • Creators/sellers of environmentally friendly alternatives for common things like plastic
These are just some examples and certainly not the only companies we love to help.
Any business that is dedicated to truly healthy and sustainable living is more than welcome at Green Life Social Media.

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